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Communications industry diesel generators

Jiangsu Jianghao diesel generators meet the People's Republic of China telecommunications industry standard YD / T502-2007 "communication dedicated diesel generator technical requirements", and Taier product certification. Communications industry diesel generator in general include mobile gas generator, mobile diesel generators, stationary diesel generators. According to function: common type diesel generator, automatic diesel generator, monitor type diesel generator, automatic switch-type diesel generator, auto connected diesel generators.According to the structure: open frame diesel generator, box-type diesel generators, portable diesel generators. Box-type generator sets can be divided into: Box rainproof diesel generators, silent diesel generators, super silent diesel generators, military module power plants, military reinforcement type power plants. Portable diesel generators can be divided into: Trailers mobile diesel generator,vehicle mobile diesel generator.

Communications industry diesel generators
To ensure customer communications, Mobile, Telecom, China Unicom and other communications industry companies have long-term cooperation with our company, mainly to provide emergency power solutions to adapt to a variety of environmental.

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