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Hotel Industry Diesel Generators

Hotel industry generally use diesel generators as follows: stationary diesel generators, box-type diesel generators, containerized diesel generators,all thoese are widely used as hotels emergency power. According its’ function: common type diesel generator , automatic diesel generator, monitor type diesel generator, automatic switch-type diesel generator, auto connected diesel generators. Box-type diesel generator can be divided into: Box rainproof diesel generators,silent diesel generator , super silent generator, container power plants.

Hotel industry diesel generators

Silent diesel generator (Hotel standby diesel generators)

Hotel industry diesel generators

Hotel standby diesel generators

Hotels and other public places, we suggest that you can try to use the silent diesel generator,if conditions permitted, ATS also need equipped.During usd of Diesel generator ,there will be a lot of noises, the use of silent diesel generators can effectively reduce the noise ,it does not affect the tenant to rest or eat. The greatest benefit with the ATS is it does not require manual operation during a power outage, the ATS can automatically detect mains lost pressure and thus automatically start diesel generator, diesel generator will automatically shut down after the transmission line is switched to the mains, thereby greatly improve the work efficiency.

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