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Thank you for your interests in Jianghao Power. Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. our sales manager will contact with you as soon as possible.
Tel: 0086-523-86188882 Fax: 0086-523-86188887
Email: zxw@jsjhpower.com Q Q: 2880137166
Address: No.1 Xixu Road, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China.
International Sales Department
Contact: Clary Zhang Tel:0086-15161060366
Email: chunshanfeng@jhfdj.com.cn Skype: Zhang.clary
Contact: Cathy Lin Tel: 0086-15298502058
Email: cathy@jhfdj.com.cn Skype: lin.cathy9
Contact: Judy Ma Tel: 0086-15996011299
Email: judy@cldgsets.com Skype: orange-peach1
Contact: Steve Zhu Tel:0086-15298508650
Email: steve@jhfdj.com.cn  
Contact: Clary Zhang Tel: 0086-15161060366
Email: gen-sets@jhfdj.com.cn Skype: Zhang.clary
Contact: Coral Zhang Tel: 0086-18305265193
Email: coral@cldgsets.com Skype: coral.generator
Domestic Sales Department
Tel: 0086-523-86188883 Fax: 0086-523-86188887
Mobile: 0086-13952619321 Q Q: 2880137166
24 Hours Technical Service
Tel: 0086-18994667892 Contact: Mr. Zhu

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