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ComAp Controller


Series digital intelligent and machine IG-NT controller , the system is fully automated and controlled the main network components, the unit parameters are summarized here and show the results obtained by the program operation and through the appropriate output port to control the implementing agencies issued. IG-NT controller uses micro-processing technology , by writing software algorithms applicable to generators , improve the unit output voltage, phase voltage , active power and reactive power control ; controller interface is simple and functional, all power operating status of the unit, the communication status, fault status and operating parameters can be set via buttons on the front panel for monitoring and adjustment .

IG-NT GC controller series is designed for control of generators and machine, and network devices running special design. Up to 32 power supply suitable for running diesel generators in parallel with the city network , in the case three or more units and recommend the installation of a mains IM-NT City Network Control Module . ( Single unit and city networks can also be used IC-NT controller , affordable number ) .

The core control parts of the device using the Czech Comay IG-NT controller , designed by a professional engineer to optimize the device comprising: automatically start peaking units and network , you can set a base load unit and assume the network, can be automatically adjusted according to changes in load or mains power unit output size , grid power factor can be set, and there are RS232, RS485 communication function ; this device fully functional , reliable operation , easy maintenance, economic operation and so on.


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