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Jiangsu Jianghao diesel generator design is new and reasonable structure. Open-frame diesel generator with steel bending beam welded into the frame structure, high strength and rigidity; diesel generators can be equipped with the base fuel tank, meet eight hours operation; 
Jiangsu Jianghao open-frame diesel generator consists of three parts :diesel engines,alternator and control system. diesel engines and alternator have two connections, one for flexible connection, that is the coupling of the two parts of docking, another is rigid installation and connection, with high strength bolts connecting the generator steel sheet and plate connected together flywheel of diesel engine, diesel engines and alternator installed in public shelf after connection, and then coupled with the protective sensors,such as temperature sensors, With these sensors, operation status of the diesel generator display to the operator directly, and with these sensors, you can set an up limit, when reached or exceeded this limit, the control system will pre-alarm, this time if the operator does not take actions, the control the system will automatically turn off, diesel generator is to take this way to protect themselves from this way. 

Sensor receive a variety of information and feedback, but really show these data and do protection is control system of diesel generator , the control panel is usually installed on the alternator, it is called a backpack-style control panel, there are some putted in the operating room as the independent panel,it called split control panel.Control panel connected by cables and sensors,it separatelly shows electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters. 
According to function of diesel generators: common type diesel generator, automatic diesel generator, monitor type diesel generator, automatic switch-type diesel generator, auto connected diesel generators.According to the structure: open frame diesel generator, box-type diesel generators, portable diesel generators. Box-type diesel generator can be divided into: Box rainproof diesel generators, silent diesel generators, super silent diesel generators, military module power plants, military reinforcement type power plants. Portable diesel generators can be divided into: Trailers mobile diesel generator,vehicle mobile diesel generator.


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