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Service commitment:
Our company keep the customers' requests as our purpose,we offer original spare parts,technical consulting, installation guiding,free testing,Genset remoulding and Engineer training chronically.After get the feedback of Genset problems,we repond with 24hours,or send out our engineers to arrive site as soon as possible,never stop before customer satisfied.
Operating Cautions of Diesel Generator Set:
1、Diesel use 0#~-30# light diesel;Lube oil is specialized with 15W-40CD class(or according toe the Engine Manual).
2、Start Temperature is above +5℃;-15℃ if contains Water and oil heater;When the genset is used under 0℃,the antifreezing solution and other start methord under low temperaturer should be used.
3、The Noise of Genset:≤85~95db(A),meet International Standard.
4、Besides 8kw-1600kw land use diesel generators,our company can offer the same power diesel generator which is 60HZ,1800RPM.
5、Our Generator set meet GB/T2820.1、.5、.6 and standard in ISO8528 about "Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven generator set".
6、Voltage regulating mode:Auto or Manual.
7、Attention in cold region:Adjust the Lube oil,Diesel,antifreezing solution according to the temerpaturer,to guarantee the noamal running of Generator Set.
8、Catalogue and Specifications can be changed according to the new products,please confirm based on the documents which followed the Generator Set,our company have the final explanation rights,without prior notice.

Reference dimension and drawing of Installation
TYPE Concrete foundation plane(mm2) Total Area(mm2) Minimum Height of Genset Room(mm)
V-68GF 2500×1000 4400×3300 3000
V-80GF 2500×1000 4500×3300 3000
V-104GF 2700×1000 4600×3300 3000
V-120GF 2700×1000 4700×3300 3000
V-140GF 3000×1200 4900×3300 3000
V-160GF 3500×1200 5000×3300 3000
V-200GF 3500×1500 5000×3300 3000
V-260GF V-300GF V-320GF 4000×1500 6000×3300 3000
V-360GF V-400GF 4000×1500 6000×3300 3000


Genset room reference dimension for Genset
TYPE Genset Room(L×W×H)(mm) NOTE
Genset Room for Single Unit 40-200KW 6 Cylinders Genset 5000×3600×3200 135
Genset Room for Single Two Unit 40-200KW 6 Cylinders Genset 6000×5000×3500 135
Genset Room for Single Unit 200-400KW12 Cylinders Genset 6000×5000×3200 135
Genset Room for Two Units 200-400KW 12 Cylinders Genset 8000×6000×3500 135
Genset Room for Single Unit(Closed) 500-600KW Genset 10000×7000×5000 8V190
Genset Room for Single Unit(Open) 500-600KW Genset 9000×7000×5000 8V190
Genset Room for Single Unit(Closed) 700-1000KW Genset 11000×8000×5500 12V190
Genset Room for Single Unit(Open) 700-1000KW Genset 9000×8000×5500 12V190

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