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Automatic Parallel Synchronizing

Automatic Parallel Synchronizing Cabinets produced by Jianghao are suitable for single genset or multiple gensets,there is no difference between cabinets.Synchronizing system is easy to operate,monitor and protect the genset roundly,the system can offer the parameters of line voltage,line current,active power,power factor,frequency etc,and show oil pressure,water temperature,speed,battery voltage etc,it can protect the genset against low oil pressure,high temperature,over speed,low speed,reverse power,low voltage,over current,short circuit of power output and other sensors.

Functions and Specifications of Parallel Synchronizing Cabinet
  1、Set the parameters of low oil pre-alarm and alarm stop.
  2、Set the parameters of high temperature pre-alarm and alarm stop.
  3、Set the parameters of over speed pre-alarm and alarm stop.
  4、Set the parameters of low speed pre-alarm and alarm stop.
  5、Set the parameters of lateral frequency/actual frequency.
  6、Set the start time of Main Power failure.
  7、Set the cooling time of unloading.
  8、Set delay start type or full speed operation type.
  9、Protect against Oil pressure,water temperature,speed sensor open,short circuit.
  10、Set alarm of low or over battery voltage.
  11、Digital show all parameters(oil pressure,water temperature,speed,battery voltage,running time etc.)
  12、Digital show all engine problems and operating mistakes.
  13、Start or Stop single genset manually.
  14、Digital show Current,Voltage,Active Power,Reactive Power,Apparent Power,Power Factor,Frequency etc.
  15、Set the alarm parameters of Current,Voltage,Power and Frequency.
  16、Start single genset or all gensets when the main power failure.
  17、Genset emergency stop.
  18、Monitor reverse power,over power and alarm stop.
  19、Short Circuit and over current protect.
  20、No difference distribution of active and reactive load.
  21、Soft loading for synchronization,Soft unloading for asynchronization(after loading removed)


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