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High Voltage Diesel Genset

According to the dilatation of power plant room,the capacity of standby use diesel generator is growing bigger and bigger,loading require multiple diesel generators in parallel,and the distance between power plant room and load site is going farther and farther,it expose many defects in running and transporting,for more safe and stable,high voltage diesel generators are a good choice.
Our high voltage diesel generator are used in Metallurgy Industry,Airport,Data Center etc emergency use power system,because the output voltage is 10kv the same as main power output,it can connect to the main power system directly,and save a lot of invest of equipment.Meanwhile,because of the high voltage,the current will be very small,it’s suitable for long distance transport as the power loose is the smallest.

Analyze and Compare between High voltage diesel genset and Low voltage diesel genset
Features Low voltage diesel genset High voltage diesel genset
Capacity Multiple gensets work in parallel Multiple gensets work in parallel,power
 plant room can be build in concentrated.
Short distance transport Long distance transport
Loss Big loss in transmit electricity. Small loss in transmit electricity,no calorification in transport.
Cost Small invest,low cost in maintenance early,it have 
big advantages for small power capacity and 
short distance transport,For high capacity and 
long distance transport,the cost will be much higher.
Big invest,low cost in maintenance early,it have 
big advantages for big power capacity,
long distance transport,low cost for 
supporting investment.
Operate &
East to operate,low requirements for engineer. Complicated to operate,high requirements 
for engineer,must handled under high voltage license.
Specification Simple specification Complicated specification,especially in 
diesel generator and output cabinet.
Safety High safety performance,mature and low hurdle 
High safety performance,mature and high hurdle technology.
Trend Small power occupy the traditional market,
big power will be replaced by high voltage system.
It’s trend to use high voltage system in the world,
and the demands is going to bigger and bigger.

1. High voltage diesel genset(Engine,Alternator,Control System)
2. Switch Cabinet of Genset enter wire(Protective functions of stored energy,over current, differential motion,short circuit etc.)
3. High voltage outgoing cabinet(Protective functions of stored energy,over current, short circuit etc.)
4. Copper Busbar for connect wires
5. Current transformer,voltage transformer etc.
6. Ground protection,Harmonic Regulation Device,Measuring Meter,Display Device etc. 

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